Help Blogging

A blog (the name is short for web log), is a website containing a collection of short diary or new item type articles, posted regularly on the web. Heres a quick list of companies that make blogging free and/or easy.

The great thing about blogs, apart from an nearly infinite ammount of content, is that instead of visiting each page manually, you can get a feed (a list of each item in a particular blog), so that all the new items from blog you subscribe to can be feed straight to you, to be read by news aggregators. Here's a quick list of such aggregators or blog reader tools. Here's a quick list, more at wikipedia.

Great, now you know where to go if you want to read or write blogs. What about searching this great mass of information for particular articles. Another list of blog item search engines.

Actually, we found it very hard, to find a engine, that would search for blog feeds themselves. So hard, that we had to build our own engine, our Feed Finder, which scapes feed addresses from web pages found by google and checks if they are valid feeds.

Bloggers typically have more than one subject of interest, so there blog feeds, might well contain, a mix of items you like, and a items that you don't like. And thats what, we are here for. Feed Distiller, takes a list of feeds, and a list of reference web pages, and uses advanced semantic categorising software, to regularly produce a new feed, that only contains the items which match the reference pages. You can then read your new, on subject, feed, on-line, or with any feed reader. To use Feed Distiller, sign up for free, and start adding building your feeds lists, and adding reference pages. For more detailed instructions, view our Demo which walks you through the process of producing new on subject feed.