FD Reader for Blog Readers

The FD Reader App, as availabe at the Google Play Store: Here

It will help you read any RSS or ATOM feeds and remember they ones your enter. It gives you access to all the Feed Distiller Feeds. You can also Tweet news feed items to your twitter feed, and view the recent (7 days) replies.

The FD RSS and Atom Reader is an app to display RSS and Atom Feeds, Clicking Enter URL Tab, allows you to enter the URL and Titles of Feeds and then view that feed, If you tick remember that URL and Title will be stored in the My Feeds Tab. The FD Preset Category will list the categories of Feeds that FeedDistiller Provider, and clicking the category will list all the feeds in that category.i

In the latest version 0.2, the RSS news items, each have a option to post the news item to Twitter with a headline of your choice. If you post to Twitter, you will need to sign in and authorise our app to post. All twitter content is moderated by Twitter, and must abide by Twitters rules. If a post exists on Twitter for the news item, (only ones posted by the FD Reader), there may be replies, you can view those from the last week, by pressing the show replies button.

Twitter Icons made by Pixel perfect from www.flaticon.com

App made wth react-native by Facebook, using npm twitter-lite and react-native-crypto libraries

Currently Only for Android