Get the feed as a widget on your web page

Style your feed, then grab the HTML below

Styling for your feed

Width px
Height px
Border color#
none solid double
Font name
Font size for Heading
Font size for Entry Titles
Font size for Entry Text
Background Colors
Main Background#
Titles Background#
Titles Alternate Background#
Entries Background#
Text Colors
Heading color#
Titles color#
Titles alternate color#
Entries color#
Left side Right side None
Size of news items when open
Max Height px

This is the HTML for your widget

Once your happy with your design, copy and paste it to your web page.

Alternative (Blogger) HTML for your widget

Blogger doesn't like Iframes use this HTML for them.

Terms and Conditions

This feed is free for inclusion on your web page, up to 10,000 hits be day.
For a very popular web site, contact us for a custom solution at a reasonable price.
While we endeavor to provide a good service, we can offer no guarantee of our free service.
You must include the Feed Distiller link and icon, on any page using our widget.