• Pregnancy May Be Riskier for Women With Lupus

    Updated: 2023-04-27 19:06:31
    A 10-year audit of hospital records found that women with lupus have more than twice the risk of giving birth to a baby who is premature or growth-restricted.

  • Skin Issues Can Be First Sign of Rheumatological Illnesses

    Updated: 2023-04-26 05:40:00
    Skin conditions may be the first sign that a person has a rheumatic disease that will also affect the joints, muscles or ligaments.

  • Walkingpneumonia.org

    Updated: 2023-04-23 19:43:12
    Walkingpneumonia.org Related : Searches Pneumonia in Children Walking Pneumonia Signs of Pneumonia Privacy Policy

  • Gray Hair and Aging: Could ‘Stuck’ Stem Cells Be to Blame?

    Updated: 2023-04-20 05:53:46
    Your hair has stem cells near the roots, and they help make your hair its natural color. But these cells need to move to a different part of the follicle and change to produce hair color. When these stem cells get “stuck” and can’t do their job, gray hair comes out instead, new research reveals.

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