• Completely custom Zeitwerk inflector

    Updated: 2024-02-06 16:01:52
    Articles Topics All Articles Domain-Driven Design Testing Ruby on Rails React JS Async Remote Piotr Jurewicz February 6, 2024 improve this article rails zeitwerk autoload Completely custom Zeitwerk inflector and check why 5600+ Rails engineers read also this Completely custom Zeitwerk inflector In my previous post I discussed the difference between how the classic autoloader and Zeitwerk autoloader match constant and file names . Short : reminder Classic autoloader maps missing constant name Raport : PL : X123 to a file name by calling Raport : PL : X123.to_s.underscore Zeitwerk autoloader finds lib report pl x123 products.rb and maps it to Report : PL : X123 : Products constant name with the help of defined inflectors . rules What is an inflector In general , an inflector is a software

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