• Calm, Cool and Creative: MUE Studio Showcases 3D Scenes ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’

    Updated: 2023-06-29 13:00:48
    MUE Studio, founded by 3D artists Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim, specializes in art direction, photography and 3D design for campaigns and installations.

  • Meet the Omnivore: Startup Develops App Letting Users Turn Objects Into 3D Models With Just a Smartphone

    Updated: 2023-06-27 15:00:30
    Editor’s note: This post is a part of our Meet the Omnivore series, which features individual creators and developers who accelerate 3D workflows and create virtual worlds using NVIDIA Omniverse, a development platform built on Universal Scene Description, aka OpenUSD. As augmented reality (AR) becomes more prominent and accessible across the globe, Kiryl Sidarchuk is Read article >

  • Getting Started with Simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 3 How to Build Models for Multi-Discipl

    Updated: 2023-06-22 23:30:38
    : Menu Toggle navigation SOLIDWORKS Blog Education Blog Tech Blog International Blogs SOLIDWORKS Brazil SOLIDWORKS France SOLIDWORKS France Education SOLIDWORKS Germany SOLIDWORKS Japan SOLIDWORKS LATAM y España Podcast DELMIAWorks Blog The SOLIDWORKS Blog Getting Started with Simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 3 : How to Build Models for Multi-Disciplinary Simulations By SOLIDWORKS June 22, 2023 Share this . Facebook Twitter Linkedin Thanks to everyone who attended the third live webinar in our series , Getting Started with 3D EXPERIENCE ® Works : Simulation How to Build Models for Multi-Disciplinary . Simulations We appreciate all of the feedback we have received so far—keep it coming Your constructive comments and ideas are the best way for us to shape these events to provide

  • Shell-e-brate Good Times in 3D With ‘Kingsletter’ This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’

    Updated: 2023-06-21 13:00:13
    Amir Anbarestani, an accomplished 3D artist who goes by the moniker Kingsletter, had a “shell of a good time” creating his Space Turtle scene this week In the NVIDIA Studio.

  • Into the Omniverse: Universal Scene Description Support for Marvelous Designer Lets Users Tailor Digital Assets, Clothes for 3D Characters

    Updated: 2023-06-21 13:00:08
    Whether animating fish fins or fashioning chic outfits for digital characters, creators can tap Marvelous Designer software to compose and tailor assets, clothes and other materials for their 3D workflows.

  • Blender at Annecy 2023 blender.org

    Updated: 2023-06-06 23:51:35
    Toggle navigation Features Download Support Get Involved About Jobs Store Donate Features Download Support Get Involved About Jobs Store Donate Blender at Annecy 2023 June 6th , 2023 Press Releases Francesco Siddi Following the success of last year , the Blender team will attend the Annecy festival , and as usual , will be visible with a booth and live demos at the MIFA film market on 13-16 June . Most artists from the Blender Studio plus special guest Daniel M . Lara will be attending the festival , make sure you connect , drop by stand A.40 at the exhibition area and get a sneak peek of the ongoing open movie Pet Projects Blender for Breakfast In addition to the booth , Blender is going to host a studios breakfast session Birds of a Feather-style focused on connecting producers ,

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